Worshipful Company of Carmen

scite, cito, certe — skilfully, swiftly, surely
Transport Awards Presented in2018

Amerjit Sahota

for exceptional high-quality delivery as Head of Passenger Transport in the London Borough of Redbridge, having trained as an apprentice mechanic, through self-development and personal drive rising to become the senior manager responsible for all the Council’s passenger operations, involving some 100 vehicles. Unusually the Borough’s services are not contracted out but provided by an in-house trading business, generating a sustainable system, an exemplary record for safety, the highest engineering standards, and surpluses for the Council.


Norman Harding

for greening the London Borough of Hackney, by lowering fuel emissions from commercial vehicles, supporting alternative fuel use by advice and example, the Borough’s fleet focusing on renewable fuels, including, cars, vans, HGVs and buses, especially bio-fuels like hydro-treated vegetable oil made from waste and electric power trains, applying advanced technical enquiry, information and conclusions.

John Ratcliff CBE

for a lifetime of outstanding commitment to the industry and to charity, since joining and growing his father’s business,  while assisting so many, particularly the less mobile, giving them new outlook and purpose. He has made his company a household name, setting the standard for vehicle tailifts, and for mobility in the home. As Patron of the institute of Road Transport Engineers, he has helped engineers of all industries achieve the best in performance and career. As Master Carman and then consort to his wife when Master, through Variety Club and Water Rats, he has touched many lives. John Ratcliff has been a master of movement and mobility and a servant of those in need.

THE CARMEN 500 special award
City Of London Police

for the high standard and consistent performance of officers, management, staff and all those who work in the force, in service to the City community and its residents, workers and businesses, its charities and guilds, its churches, colleges and schools, its heritage and development, to the City as the world’s financial capital and seat of civic government, and not least to the Company of Carmen in the past and today.