Worshipful Company of Carmen

scite, cito, certe — skilfully, swiftly, surely
Livery Links

While today’s Livery Companies work closely to uphold the traditions and convictions of the City of London, the past was not always as harmonious!

For three centuries, rivalry between the Carmen and the Woodmongers was rife. Today, the Fuellers (the successors to the Woodmongers) reflect the modern energy industry, and relations are more civilised; the two Companies maintain a friendly dialogue, honouring their joint history which is rare among Liveries.  In 2004 they came together to start an unique event, the Woodmongers’ Supper, honouring all their antecedents.


Other Links

Pooley Sword Ltd

In appreciation of their generous support in providing the sword and scabbard for each of the Carmen's RLC Sword of Honour presentees.

City of London

Royal College of Art

Royal Society of Arts



A consortium of Universities and industry supported by the Leonardo Programme of the EC and offering training  in advanced automotive engineering.


A consortium of UK Universities colleges and industry supported by the ESF offering free on-line training in  quality and environmental matters.

The Guild of Model Wheelwrights

A unique organization in the United Kingdom  devoted to the precision scale modelling of all horse drawn: Agricultural machinery, carts and wagons, Light and heavy  commercial vehicles, Passenger and road vehicles, Caravans.

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