Worshipful Company of Carmen

scite, cito, certe — skilfully, swiftly, surely

Knowledge is power and Carmen have striven from the start to impart knowledge, gather information and promote education.

From 16th century apprentices to millennial graduates, Carmen have supported training for transport, and further afield.

Carmen see gifted pupils from deprived backgrounds through school, support others through sixth form and fund bursaries.

The Company backs music and drama, movement design, and transport education at university and post-graduation.

Annual lectures, backed by debates and symposia, are held regularly under the Company’s banner, at the cutting edge of transport thinking.

The Company invests in the printed word, in publication and library.

The Company recognises and rewards research, development, innovation and knowledge enhancement in both civil and military transport.

Carmen think ahead, with care and consideration, with generosity and with good judgement.