Worshipful Company of Carmen

scite, cito, certe — skilfully, swiftly, surely
The Carmen's Car Club

The Carmen's Car Club was formed in 2002 for the enjoyment of those Carmen and their friends who share an enthusiasm for automobiles.

It has the following aims and objectives:

to further the fellowship of those Carmen who are automobile enthusiasts.

to use their social gatherings, whenever possible, to raise funds for the Company and its charitable causes.

    Carmen members own and enjoy a wide range of  of classic, vintage and commercial marques, and many of them belong to prestigious motoring organisations.

    The Carmen's Car Club badge.


    The next Carmen's Car Club event will take place at Woodhall Spa over the weekend of Friday 5th - Sunday 7th October 2018.

     For further information on events or membership of the Carmen's Car Club please email the Clerk at carmencompany@btconnect.com