Worshipful Company of Carmen

scite, cito, certe — skilfully, swiftly, surely

Carman: (1580) a man who drives a car (a wheeled vehicle); a carter, carrier.
The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

The Worshipful Company of Carmen continues to reflect the transport industry and serve the City of London as it has done for five centuries.

The Carmen, through good fellowship, reflects the industry in its many aspects, with the focus on surface transport, including road and rail, goods and passenger.

The Company is currently one of the largest Livery companies of the City of London, listed number 77 in the order of precedence, with approaching 700 members, including some 500 Liverymen, 170 Freemen and 40 Apprentices.

Today’s Carmen are bound together by fellowship, by charitable giving, by support for the armed forces and by service to the City of London, the transport industry and to the wider community.

As Carmen in the modern world our principal aims are:

to promote fellowship among those engaged in the trade of transport and their wider circle, which embraces many professional disciplines and walks of life;

to fund acts of charity to help those in need, particularly individuals and organisations, 'giving a little, where a little means a lot'; to assist those in need, relieve suffering and fund access to education;

to recognise and promote achievement and the advancement of knowledge in the transport profession through awards, lectures and other outreach activities;

to honour, recognise and support the selfless dedication of our armed forces personnel through links with the three services, focusing on logistics and support units and making awards to outstanding soldiers, sailors and airmen and

to support the governance and civic life of the City of London Corporation.

The Worshipful Company of Carmen continues to serve, an historic fellowship, constantly adapting to meet the needs of today.

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